N70712 (Scott Ivany)


N70712 is a 1976 Cessna A185F Ag Carryall. It left the factory June 30, 1976 and was promptly wrecked 9 days later in Jennie, Arkansas. It started life in Arkansas, Mississippi and Colorado spraying crops for approximately 5 years and was registered as N21463. In 1981 she was sold and made her way to Alaska where she was promptly seized for unknown reasons. It was not flown for several years, presumably due to court proceedings and was turned over to the Alaska State Troopers in 1985. It immediately went through a thorough inspection, received new paint and new registration number N70712. It was flown by the Alaska State Troopers from 1985 – 2001. In 2002 it was sold by auction to a local man who sold 712 to me in March of 2012. Her list of modifications includes a large 88” three blade McCauley propeller, extended wings, Micro dynamics vortex generators, Sportsman STOL kit, sky lights, Odessy firewall battery, Reiff engine heater, monarch fiberglass fuel tanks, extended baggage with lowered floor, 406 ELT, Blue Mountian EFIS, Garmin 430, Garmin 296, pfleugers instrument panel, Atlee Dodge folding rear seats and more. It has an impressive useful load of over 1500#. It received new paint and interior in 2005 and the scheme nearly matches the troopers. It is amazing how fast the fishing hole clears out when you circle a few times before landing! During the winter it is equipped with Airglas LH4000 wheels ski’s, 26” Alaska Bushwheels in the shoulder seasons and Aerocet 3500L’s from May through September. N70712 is the perfect vehicle to explore this great state we live in!