N2743X (Wes Erb)


N2743X is a 1965 C-180H with a Texas Skyways O-520 engine, Sportsman STOL kit with ART wing extensions, 6 place cabin with extended baggage, and Atlee Dodge rear folding seats. It sports Schneider 4000 wheel penetration skis in winter, EDO 2870 floats in summer, and GarAero bushwheels in between. 43X’s first flight out of the Cessna factory in 1965 was to Bettles, Alaska where it worked for the Bettles Lodge. After 2 years, it was bought by Wein Air captain, Doug Millard, who meticulously cared for her until 2006. She cruises at 150 mph on wheels at 13 gph with a useful load of almost 1200 lbs.