N3248S (Glen Hanson)


3428S is a 1964 Cessna 182G with 2700 hours, mostly Alaskan. It was piloted to Provideniya Russia on the first US civilian freedom flight after the cold war had ended. The aircraft has a full IFR panel with Dual Comms, VOR, ADF, intercom and combination Trimble GPS/Loran. It is powered by a carbureted Continental 235 HP 047R with 1400 Hours on the lower end and 100 on the cylinders. The Interior panels have recently been rejuvenated and a new headliner installed. The standard Cessna rear seat has been replaced with F Attlee Dodge removable/foldable rear seats, the first actual installation in a late model 182. Oversized 850X6 tires are installed on the mains and an 8.00 on the nose wheel. The nose wheel was converted using the larger fork provided by Landis Engineering.