N820AK (Monte Mabry)


N820AK was built in late 1977 and Monte has been the owner for 20 years. This Cessna 180 is a “K” model which was the last model 180 that Cessna ever built. The airplane arrived in Alaska brand new and came factory equipped for float and ski installation. N820AK is winter outfitted with Federal model 3200 hydraulic wheel skis (which manually retract under the 8:00X6 tires) and a Federal model 3000 penetration tail ski. In the summer the wheel and ski gear is swapped for EDO model 2960 floats. N820AK is equipped with the original (but remanufactured) Continental O-470U engine which turns a 90 inch diameter controllable-pitch Seaplane propeller. The engine is preheated in the winter with a thermostat controlled 650w “Little Big Heat” fan-heater placed in the engine compartment and if electricity is not available the engine can be preheated using a camp stove carried which is carried in the extended baggage compartment. The fuel bladders in the wings hold up to 84 gallons of 100LL aviation fuel. The airplane has two NavCom radios and is certified to fly on instruments. Now days navigation is almost always by satellite GPS. The plane cruises at around 160 MPH on tires and about 145 MPH when the wheel-skis are installed. Certified useful load for N820AK is 1410 pounds on wheels.