N211TC (Bill Mayer)


N211TC is a 1968 185E. The original owner whose birthday was 2/11 and initials were TC bought the plane from the factory in 1968 and equipped it with almost every electronic gadget available. When it arrived in Alaska for sale in 1986 it had dual ADFs, dual King Navcoms dual ILS's, RNAV, a radar altimeter, and connections for an LF antennae. I bought the plane in 1986 with 800 hours on the original engine on 2790 amphib floats. Over the past 21 years the electronics have been upgraded with a Garmin 430W Navcom/GPS, a 296 Garmin GPS, a backup ICOM com (which I now use as my primary radio), an STEC autopilot and a single ADF, a six cylinder EGT/CHT and an electronic tach. The interior has an extended baggage allowing me to sleep comfortably in the plane, and Atlee Dodge fold up rear seats. The plane has extended wingtips increasing the gross weight, a MASA STOL kit, and Monarch accessory fuel tanks((98 gallons usable). In the summer the plane is on Whipline 3730 amphibs and in the winter on 3600 Fluidyne wheel skis. Then battery has been moved to the engine compartment. The engine has been replaced or rebuilt several times most recently with a local Alsworth rebuild 4 years ago and now has approximately 800 hours. It is easily the smoothest running engine I have ever had. 211TC is a joy to fly !